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01/01/2020 –

Great Advice for Removing Limescalse

Tips on removing Limescale from Household Appliances?

For kettles and coffee-makers:

  • Mix up a water-vinegar solution or buy a de-scaling agent and fill the water tank to capacity.
  • Switch the appliance on and let the mixture boil, then leave it to soak overnight.
  • In the morning, empty the mixture out and rinse thoroughly.
  • You may need to run coffee machines a couple of times with clean water to get rid of any residual solution.

For washing machines and dishwashers:

  • Fill a cup with your chosen removal agent and pour into the dispensing drawer where you would normally place the detergent; for dishwashers, place this in the base of the machine.
  • Run a standard cycle – empty, of course – and the job is done.

Thanks to Cleanipedia for these great tips


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